How to Pick Up Your Amazon Packages? Updated 2023's Guide

23 May, 2023 The Big Savers Budget

Master the art of hassle-free package retrieval with our updated 2023 guide. Learn the best techniques and tips for efficiently picking up your Amazon packages without any inconvenience.

Amazon! The largest online marketplace in the world, there are millions of products are listed to sale by merchant. The user can buy the products from amazon (its own) product or by third-party seller.

The Amazon is very much reliable in delivering the products as they make those products magically appear on the doorsteps. The package will be arrived in minimum 1 – 7 business days according to the amazon policy. Amazon does a great job of making shopping easy for their customers, and they also offer lots of different delivery options. One you may or may not know about self-pick-up package service. Now the question is how to pick up amazon package, and from where to pick-up package?

Can I go pickup my Amazon package?

Yes, you can use different delivery option use pick-up service instead of delivery at doorstep, the Amazon has provided the pick-up service to their customers.

When You Should Consider Pickup an Amazon Package

  . Often, a person will be concerned about a private package that no one else knows about.

  . You're planning a surprise for someone and you don't want anyone to sneak the boxes in while you’re not at home.

  . The location where you will be picked up is an easy part of your route.

  . Attempting to save high delivery charges

  . Your area has difficulties with porch pirates.

  . The weather is poor and you want to ensure that your shipment is protected.

From Where I Can Pickup Amazon Package

Although Amazon ships packages all over the world, it is sometimes easier to pickup the parcel from another location. Whatever your reason for picking up, here's a convenient way to find a location and a place where you can pickup your parcel.

Collect Your Package at an Amazon Hub

Instead of delivery the package at your home, office or any address. You can pickup the package at the Amazon Hub at time which suits you, after receiving the notification from Amazon.

The Amazon will send you an email when your package is ready to collect. The Amazon’s email contains the Tracking ID and unique pickup barcode, and the address and time of your given location.

  1. Do the following While collecting the package:

  2. If you are picking up yourself then shows the pickup barcode at the Hub

Someone is collecting on your behalf; the person should present the pickup barcode to the Hub.

Amazon has provided different option from where you can collect the package, you’ll see options are available at checkout process for an Amazon hub:

  . Amazon Hub Locker or Amazon Hub Locker+

  . Amazon Hub Counter

1- Collect Your Package from An Amazon Hub Locker or Amazon Hub Locker +

A self-service delivery to collect the package from one of the Amazon Locker locations in the U.S. Amazon Locker self-serve, secure and fully automated kiosks Locker. This initiative allows any business with a physical location to provide Amazon consumers with secure package pickup and returns. Lockers are available in different sizes according to the customers need. How to open the amazon locker?

How to Pickup From Amazon Locker

Once your package is arrived at Amazon Hub Locker and is ready for collect, the Amazon will notify you by sending an email with instruction on how to pick up at locker, the email contains the pickup barcode and six-digit code to unlock the kiosks, Locker. Amazon provides three days to retrieve your package from locker, if you don’t get it in time the package will automatically be returned and you’ll be refunded.

Amazon Hub Locker+ is similar to the Amazon Hub locker as that they provide free package pick-up service, free return Amazon drop off (the boxes and packing materials are provided onsite so you can box up the return package), A representative of Amazon is available for assistance at these locations.

How to select shipping to an Amazon Hub Locker? You can add by searching your preferred location to the Amazon Locker Location at you address book and select Amazon Locker Location as your shipping address while check out.

2- Easiest Way to Pick-up Package from Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon had launched the Amazon Hub Counter service in Jun. 27, 2019, a new network of pickup that let Amazon customers to retrieve their deliveries in-store at a partner location. Customer can access more than 100 counter locations in U.S. Once your package has arrived at the Hub, Amazon will send you an email, and you can pick it up from store’s associate at your preferred Amazon Hub Counter location. There is no need to scan any ID or enter 6-digit code into locker, Only the associate scans your email and handover you the package, if someone else get the package on your behalf then the only think you have to do is forward the email confirmation to them.

3- Pickup a Package at an Amazon Hub Apartment Locker

The Amazon Hub Apartment Locker is similar to the Hub Locker and Counter but the different is Apartment Locker is a set up installed outside the apartment or society which allows the resident to collect the mails and packages safely and in convenient way. It can be a partnership between the Amazon and the apartment’s manager to set up Locker.

How To Use:

If your apartment building has the setup of Amazon Hub Apartment Locker then you only have to provides the apartment building location in your address book, and when it will arrive you will receive email confirmation, you can grab your package at any time by scanning the pickup barcode which you have receive in email by amazon. These lockers may be utilized for both Amazon and third-party senders unlike the Amazon Locker which is used by anyone and only Amazon packages will be received, the tenants can collect their package at any time 24/7 without worrying about caretaker leaving or the package being stolen.

Use Lower Locker Slots

Amazon Hub Locker provide you an self-service delivery to collect or return your Amazon packages, During checkout, selecting the locker as your shipping address, you see the option of use lower lockers. If you would like to place your order in lower section which is 15 to 48 inches from ground use the option of use lower lockers, once your preference is selected your order will be placed at lower section of lockers.

4- In-store pickup package, local delivery At Amazon Store

There is a store-pickup tab on Amazon products which provide you the facility to pick up your package to nearer store from you, the seller’s name, store address and the distance from store to your location will appear on product detail page while checkout. Once your order is placed you cannot switch the tab from “delivery” to “store-pickup” so check it before ordering which option you want. Once you have ordered you have to wait for the email send by Amazon that will tell you the order is ready to pick up. Most of the order are ready in 1-4 hours and certain will may take longer.

The order will be ready when you receive email, you can pick up your package within 5 days from pickup window by showing Amazon order number and ID (issued by Govt.) that has the same on the Amazon Order.

Note: Not all Amazon product have this option but it depends on your product and what is the location in your address book.

5- Groceries Pick Up From Whole Food Market

Amazon offers for prime member a convenient delivery and pickup Whole Food Market, The Grocery pickup is available in 500 stores at U.S. A prime member can easily order and choose suitable closest store.

For Food Pickup There are two pick-up options available at Whole Foods Market.

  1. Curbside

  2. In-Store

Curbside: One-hour parking spot window, where assistance will load all the groceries for you which you have ordered online.

In-Store: Some food market store doesn’t have parking spot, so you can also pickup your order inside the store, the Amazon store will guide you where have to go and how you receive your package.

Easily order online, choose suitable located store and one-hour pickup window at time which suits you, When the order is ready you’ll pickup the order by parking one of the dedicated spot and the order will provide to you. When there is no suitable parking spot you can pickup your order by going inside the store(the Amazon app will guide you).

The Prime members also choose two-hours delivery option, Explore the Amazon prime benefits at Whole Food Market.

Sometimes Whole Food are the pickup location for Amazon package and also accept the returns.

Amazon Hub Locker and Amazon Hub Counter Eligibility

Amazon Hub Locker

There are some conditions that should be applied to an order in case of eligible for locker delivery:

  . The shipping weight is under 10 pounds.

  . The dimensions of the product are less than 16 by 12 by 14 inches.

  . The all items which are eligible for locker delivery should be sold and fulfilled by Amazon.

  . The total value/price of the item should less than $5000.

  . The package does not include any dangerous materials.

  . There are no Subscribe & Save items in the order.

  . The order does not contain any items that ship from beyond the United States.

  . The order contains no Release-Date Delivery goods.

Amazon Hub Counter

There are some conditions that should be applied to an order in case of qualify for Amazon Hub Counter:

  . There are no items on order that require special handling.

  . There are no Subscribe & Save items in the order.

  . The order contains no products eligible for Release-Date Delivery.

  . There are no Subscribe & Save items in the order.

  . The dimensions of the product are less than 36 (h) x 24 (l) x 24 (w) inches, and should be under 33 pounds.

  . The items will available for shipping within 24 hours.

Where is my amazon package

What if your package is not delivered at Locker or Counter? What to do? When tracking shows that package as delivered but you haven’t received any mail about pickup.

On very rare case the tracking shows as package delivered but actual not any package delivered at locker or counter, most of the time package arrived on given time and place. If your package tracking shoe its delivered but can’t find it:

  . Verify the delivery address in your address book

  . Look for a delivery attempt notification.

  . Search the package at given Locker or Counter Location.

  . Check your mailbox and any other locations where you get mail. Several packages are transported by multiple carriers.

  . Wait 48 hours. Rarely, shipments may be marked as delivered up to 48 hours before their actual arrival.

  . If you have not received your package within 30 days of the scheduled delivery date, please contact Amazon. Amazon will do everything possible to assist.

What time do amazon packages arrive

For Amazon Hub Locker collect your package after receiving the pickup code, you can collect your package within 3 calendar days after it delivers at Locker/Counter. According to the Amazon the order placed approximately 1-7 business days.

Find an Amazon Hub Locker pickup Location

The Amazon pickup Locations, you can find it when you are selecting shipping address while checkout process or when you are adding a new address in account.

Visit here to find Amazon hub Locker. Search result will show Lockers according to the location you entered, search by address, zip code or by landmark. Once the Locker address appear in your address book you can choose it as shipping address during checkout.

The Amazon Hub Locker which is near or suits you, you can add that Locker location by scanning QR code on amazon hub Locker.

How to Use Pickup Points in the Amazon App

Now a days smartphone is the pocket technology which is very useful in every aspect, you can use pickup point and can grab your package with Amazon App.

Try to use pickup points in Amazon app: during check you have to proceed with check out, you have to select an option Amazon Hub Pickup Location. Search by address, zip code or by landmark, and select the desire location and tab the button Pick up here, then place your order, you will receive confirmation email by Amazon.

Try to use Amazon App to grab your Package: Go Locker Location using pickup location in App. Tap the start Pickup button in your confirmation email, the Amazon Shopping app will navigate you to the Locker detail page. Wait for the App to connect automatically to Locker via Bluetooth. Once you connected, you’ll be able to open locker by tabbing the “Open Locker” button.

If someone is picking up on your behalf, you only have to forward email to that person.

Amazon Shipping Partners

Amazon has the variety of shipping options for its own product or those sold by retailers, they share all their ordered product with FedEx, UPS, and USPS for shipping service before 2018.

Back in 2013, many American families experience holiday letdown, they didn’t receive their product on time which they ordered through online retailers, for fixing this problem amazon worked and invested $37 billion-dollar, and launched "Shipping with Amazon" (SWA) service by entering into their territory, it has become the fourth-largest shipping company in U.S.

In 2019 the Amazon was delivering 50% of their goods directly to their customers and the ratio of percentage reached till 67% at late 2020. Amazon still shares the load with FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Can I Pick up Amazon Packages From USPS?

Unfortunately, you will be unable to pick up your Amazon Package from USPS because the facility is not open to the public and Amazon does not have a pickup option at USPS.

You can only Amazon drop off the package at USPS While returning your Amazon Package.

Can I Pick up Amazon Packages From Kohl’s?

No, you can’t pick up your Amazon package at Kohl’s but you can return your Amazon package to Kohl’s store, and kohl’s also boxed up the package while returning you don’t need to do it.

Amazon pickup Location

There are many pickup points as we discussed above, you can now order from Amazon, Enter nearest Amazon Locker pickup point as your address in address book and find the locations of Amazon Lockers at

Do Amazon Pickup Locations Cost Anything?

No, there are no additional charges associated with using Amazon pickup Location, whether you choose Locker, Amazon Hub Counter or store pickup options.

How can I Return an Amazon Package

You can return your Amazon package as long as your package is eligible. You can return your package at many places, Amazon has provided many options such as: Amazon locker, Amazon Hub Counter, In-Store, and even if you didn’t pickup your package within given time the package automatically return and you’ll be refunded.